Saturday, 30 January 2010


The writer of this blog is Greek.  However, the posts will be in both Greek and English.  The reason for this is the fact that the issues of this blog deal with unfair practices--as legally defined in accordance to the European Union legislation--of universities and (other) companies, or juristic persons if you prefer, who are not (only) Greek.

Albert Einstein had once said that this world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil, but because of those who watch and let it happen.

The fellow students of the writer of this blog, who attends a graduate legal course (despite the fact that he is not a lawyer) are people who are members of non governmental organisations.  Almost all of them are lawyers, people who are expected to stand up for the rights of others: people who are expected to fight injustice.  These fellow students did absolutely nothing when a professor "banned" a certain topic as unacceptable for a dissertation.  The aforementioned topic dealt with the illegality of the war on Iraq.  Freedom of Expression, the heart of Democracy, Freedom of Expression, the quintessence of academic efforts, has been "banned" in the temple of free speech, the academia.

This afternoon the writer of this blog had a chat with one of his fellow students.  That fellow student had made a complaint to a student representative, who had been appointed by that professor, about a tutor who had made fun of the ethnic accent of another student.  Three months have passed and there have been no news apart from the fact that there have been many complaints about the specific tutor.  That's all.  The fellow student with whom the writer had the discussion this afternoon did not want to learn anything more: she had already forgotten the story.  Moreover, she told the writer to forget things; to stop being so tenacious, because "[he] is a very good student and should do well."  In other words, as John Lennon had put it:  "There 's room at the top they 're telling you still, but first you must learn how to smile when you kill."

The writer of this blog has in the past fallen victim of illegal discrimination because of his political and philosophical beliefs.  The use of the present perfect tense is not coincidental; the aforementioned issue is about to be settled soon.

The dilemma the writer is supposed to face is the dilemma all these coward culprits, equally culpable with the other culprits who commit crimes, face.  The dilemma is the following:  Should the writer take a risk and jeopardise all the benefits that he will gain if he does not speak the truth?  The writer is supposed to face that dilemma.  In other words, the writer should willingly self-lobotomise himself; he should become a culprit and be certain that he made the "right" decision for his own good.

I am the writer.  This blog is the first step towards my humble contribution to the strive for Dignity; a strive made by all the "little" people without fancy "titles" gained by "what money can do in a bourgeois society." ( Marx, Philosophic Manuscripts).

The reason for posting the picture of the Parthenon is homesickness.  During my adolescence, the Parthenon was the view from the balcony of my house.  The Parthenon is always young; always an adolescent who flames the hearts of  the other Athenian adolescents including the heart of the writer, who intends to remain an adolescent.

In other words, shame on you fellow-student who do not care about your fellow students.  If you call me again, you will get no answer.  Shame on all of you fellow  students who do not care about the principles of Democracy and about all the other fellow students who will come after you.  Shame on you professor who teach obedience to irrational authority.

Shame on all of you who watch and let evil happen!

If you ever come to Athens, you will not be able to see the Parthenon: its beauty reveals itself only to those who weep when others smile-kill their brothers just to get to the top.